Rezaei Holding

Extraction and processing of building stones

Since Semnan Province has many stone mines, but it has never been specialized in its extraction and processing, Rezaei Holding entered this field to give a new life to the construction stone industry in Iran. Equipped with fully automatic and accurate machines, this factory is one of the reliable brands capable of cutting stone in various dimensions in the form of slabs and tiles.
Precision in the production of products and the use of quality stones have not only quickly gained the position of the new stone factory in the Iranian market, but it has also been able to play a role in the regional markets.

Newgen Stone is one of the brands of Rezaei Holding, which, relying on the products of the new stone masons, as well as cooperating with other top stone producers, has supplied all kinds of building stones with the highest quality and the most suitable price to the Iranian market. The stones offered in Newgen Stone are all of high quality and are selected under the supervision of top stone experts.