Rezaei Holding

Plaster production and processing

Matin Plaster Development Company In 2013, the management of Ebtekar Company, with its knowledge and experience in the field of industrial machinery production, built one of the most equipped and modern industrial and construction plaster factories. The aim of this company is to process gypsum products with diverse and high-quality products and of course to supply to all parts of the country as well as foreign markets and so far it has been able to supply its products with reliable brands to the markets of China, Africa, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Southwest and East Asia. to do

Kumesh Gach Semnan Company, located in Momin Abad region, the beating heart of Iran’s building plaster production, with the aim of quality and efficient production and branding in an area of more than 60,000 square meters, using the rich mines that the company owns, produces products beyond the request Domestic and foreign customers.

In 2015, it was established in an area of about twenty thousand square meters in Gatund region of Khuzestan in order to produce high-quality construction and industrial plasters, to supply domestic markets in the southwest of the country, as well as to export to the Persian Gulf.

This production unit was launched in 2016 with the aim of producing construction plasters and providing the best plaster products in Tehran and Alborz province.

This production unit was established in 1378 with the aim of producing construction plasters. This company started to supply its products to the main market of Tehran province, which until today has been able to find a great place in this metropolis and supply its products with the best quality to its customers.

Another project invested by the respected management of Rezai Holding is that it was established in Tabriz to produce construction products and facilitate the supply of products to customers in the northwest of the country and nearby foreign markets.

Another production project of this holding is located in the Momin Abad industrial area, which was put into operation in 2015 with the aim of producing industrial and construction plasters.