Holding Rezaei

Expanding to infinity

About us

The Rezaei Holding is the result of years of effort and dedication by two generations of a family and their associates. A collective that all shared the concern for expanding businesses to create more employment opportunities for the people of the great land of Iran. The beginning of this effort and dedication dates back to the establishment of the “Ebtakar Semnan Company” in 1362 (1983), which started its work by producing machinery for gypsum, sand, salt, cement, and processing mineral products.

This is how we became acquainted with the great blessing of God, the mines, and…


Subsets of Rezaei Holding

Active departments of Rezaei Holding

Exports and imports

Export of building stones and plaster

Plaster production and processing

Production of construction plasters and special plasters

Exploitation of mines

Gypsum, salt, building stone mines

Production of building stones

Extraction and production of all kinds of building stones

Machine building

Manufacturing and repairing all kinds of mining and industrial machines

Plaster and ceiling tiles

Production of plasterboard and ceiling tiles and drywall fittings

Global quality Global service

The quality of services and products of Rezaei Holding’s sub-assemblies has always been under control and is increasing. It is our honor to be able to provide world-class services and products to our audience