History of a beginning

History of a beginning

Rezaei Holding was formed after years of activity of Persian Gypsum Industrial Group. This group, which was very successful in the production and processing of gypsum, became a holding company to achieve the goals of the managers of this group and quickly expanded in various fields of production and services.

Our Vision

We do not limit ourselves because we believe that "we can."

Our Mission

Creating suitable jobs for the country of Iran and introducing the capabilities of this land to the world has been one of our constant goals

Our Process

Currently, focusing on quality production and preventing raw sales, we are expanding the physical facilities and infrastructure of the factories

Extensive services and products in the construction industry

Rezaei Holding specializes in the production and supply of construction materials and has a special focus on this issue. In general, the activity of Rezai Holding is divided into four parts


Production of plasterboards Such as RG and MR with different thicknesses with global standards


Extraction and production of all types of gypsum and products processed with gypsum, such as micronized gypsum, gypsum and ready soil, betogypsum plasters and Gypton plasters, water-resistant plaster and fire-resistant plaster.

Building stone

Extraction and production of building stones in different shapes and sizes. Decorative slab stones, facade stones and floor stones


Exporting all the products produced in the collection to countries in the region and the African continent

The result of your trust is part of our pride